Student Testimonials

— “This trip is a huge shoutout to our professors. Both of you did an amazing job on this trip and I don’t think it would have been the same if it was anyone else. Lots of laughs, lots of fun is all I can say about this trip. I feel like I have been introduced to a culture I never fully knew existed until I heard about this class. From brewing the beer to trying new brew straight out of the tap, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my summer than right here in Germany and Belgium.”

— “Never did I imagine that I would create a friendship with each individual in this course. Not only did I always feel like my peers were looking out for me, but Dr. Cole and Dr. T were supportive, empathetic, and very resourceful throughout the entire trip.”

— “I was surprised by the incredible knowledge our tour guide had as a young man training as a brewer’s apprentice.”

— “This beer was exceptional in my opinion. It was honestly the coolest thing when we got to taste a beer straight out of the vaults.”

— “This class may not have made me into a prodigy brew master, but it has certainly given me a new perspective on the development and experience of culture that is more than worthwhile.”

— “I think I speak with everyone when I say that the hop farm was a fantastic visit.”

— “The bike ride to and from the brewery, La Trappe, was one of my favorite parts of this entire trip… I have to admit at first we were a little shaky and probably scared most people, but not so long after we got the hang of it and had a blast!”

— “The brewery definitely won me over with this great gift. I was able to bring some home and let my parents have a taste of great Belgian beer.”

— “Brussels was a very beautiful city and it was easy to see how much of a melting pot of cultures it was….Our tour guide, Avo, was very knowledgeable on the city of Brussels, and taught us all about its history, as well as the chocolate.”

— “Being surrounded by people from all over the world with hardly anyone speaking English was a really cool experience.”

— “Europe is a very easy place to travel and do quick day trips via train… On our day off, we all decided to head over to Amsterdam. We rented an Airbnb that slept 16 people and had one of the best times of our lives.”

— “The cool breeze off the canal and the lights around the trees and beautiful old brick buildings just created such a comforting setting. We did not realize what time it was until it was past one o’clock!”

— “Obviously travelling with friends or in a group means you have safety in numbers.  There is someone to have your back, someone to give a second opinion, someone to watch your bag while you use the restroom. “

— “I feel that my eyes were opened during this trip and I feel so lucky to have gained so much knowledge when it comes to beer and brewing.”

— “I’m sad for the trip to end but it’s been a wonderful time with everyone. I’ve learned new experiences and formed great relationships.”

— “I truly enjoyed it and I am recommending this course to anyone who wants to have a rewarding senior seminar.”